Q: Which major companies have made money investing in space?

Q: What area of space exploration have the greatest potential returns?

Q: Why are these areas the most attractive to investors?

Q: What are the projected returns and when will they be realized?

Q: Are your investments risky?

Q: What are the possibilities of a loss of your investment?

Q: What is the minimum investment required by Private Equity Funds?

Q: What is the minimum investment amount required by Venture Capital firms?

Q: Is Moon Advisor an investor in space?

Q: Is Moon Advisor a sales brokerage firm?

Q: What is “COMING SOON” and why regarding:
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3. www.moonrealty.com

Q: Who owns the moon?
A: The short answer is that no one owns the Moon. That’s because of a piece of international law. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967, put forward by the United Nations, says that space belongs to no one country.

Q: Can you legally buy land on the Moon?
A: Short answer: you can’t. No one can. The relevant provision of the OST is Article II which states: “Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

Q: When will be the first flight to space and the moon for tourists?
A: Space tourism is estimated to start sometime between 2023-2043

Q: How long will the flight be?
A: It takes about 3 days for a spacecraft to reach the Moon

Q: Is it a direct flight to the moon?
A: It is still uncertain, but it is planned to have stops at a space station on the way to the moon.

Q: How much will a ticket cost?
A: Prices to go to space have decreased from billions, millions, and now thousands of dollars as it is estimated for tourists in the future. Richard Branson announced that his company, Virgin Galactic, would begin charging $450,000 a ticket for tourist flights to space and back. Forbes reported that tickets could be $100,000 if you can wait a decade

Q: When can I make a reservation?
A: It is still an ongoing process. However, Virgin Galactic plans to begin private flights to space in 2022-2023 when the dates are set, reservations can be made.

Q: What are the requirements to fly to space /moon?
A: Besides the ticket, a medical examination is required to verify the health condition of the traveler.

Q: What will the capsules look like?
A: Every company will have its own capsule style. The company Blue Origin already showed many photos online about what their capsules will look like. Each passenger will have a window with a current total of 6 people per flight.

Q: What can I do in space/moon?
A: You can enjoy the view and experience Zero Gravity. The whole trip will be an unforgettable and very unique experience in your life.

Q: What does Moon Advisor do?
A: Moon Advisor plans to provide you with the latest space travel research and potential investment opportunities.

Q: How can I contact Moon Advisor?
A: Email us and we would be happy to provide you with assistance.